Is your office up-to-speed?

Wireless is no longer the way of the future. It’s today.

There was at time, not long ago, when the idea of wireless internet service was much better than actual wireless internet service. It seemed like the future was finally here, but in practice, it only caused more headaches than it cured. Slow speeds, dropped signals, and cellular interference were the norm. And all at a premium price. The future, it seemed, was still in beta.

Suddenly, wireless internet is back and much better (and affordable) than ever. Homes and offices alike are re-examining their internet set-up and discovering that life in the 21st century requires portability. But what about the poor connections and lagging speeds? Wireless has come a long way, baby. Let’s examine some of those common misconceptions that just don’t apply anymore.


Wireless Internet is available where cable or DSL are not.

In fact, wireless internet is available just about anywhere you need it. So go work in a field if you like. You’ll still be connected.


Streaming video eats up wireless data too quickly.

This used to be true, but not so much anymore now that ISPs are beginning to understand the value in offering more data to their customers.


Wireless internet is too expensive.

While this is somewhat subjective, it’s now quite easy to find wireless internet plans that fit within your budget – whatever your budget may be.


Our office needs too many high-speed internet connections for us to go wireless.

While you can generally connect at least 10 devices via wifi, which is more than enough for a small office, there are several solutions for larger needs. It’s simply a question of talking to your ISP to learn about your available options.


Wireless internet is fast enough for gaming and video streaming.

With today’s wireless internet speeds, you should have no issues streaming HD videos, searching the internet, and playing video games, all at the same time.


Wireless internet connections interfere with cell phone service.

This used to be true. Wireless internet did sometimes cause problems with cell phone connections. But today’s technology allows uninterrupted service, even when using your new smart phone. Wired internet had the same issue early on, and now wireless technology has moved past it as well.

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