The 7 Deadly Sins IT Pros Commit


IT professionals are the tech heroes of any office, but even they make mistakes. Sometimes, without even realizing it. Here are the 7 deadly sins most IT pros commit:


They do it alone.

Collaboration is the key to success. Even in IT. Choose technology partners who pick up the phone when you call and treat your problems like their own.


They downplay the problem.

People need to know the scope of a problem so they know what to expect.


They just Google it.

Know your sources or you could just make the problem worse. Or call your trusted technology parters if you’re unsure about anything.


They do things they can’t undo.

Make backups, get screenshots, and go back to square one if things get worse.


They don’t take notes.

Write down what your doing so you can track problems and methods and then share your process with your technology parters if things get too hairy.


They don’t consider consequences.

IT problems don’t happen in a bubble. Be sure your fix doesn’t break something else.


They don’t keep a log.

Keep track of the whats, whys, and hows to prevent problems from happening again. That’s what we do.


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