What do pumpkin spice and wireless internet have in common?

Well, you came to the right place.

We love fall, but probably not as much as you do. After all, you just clicked a link because it merely mentioned pumpkin spice. Kind of a cheap gimmick on our part, but you took the time, so we won’t disappoint.

Here are the Top 10 things pumpkin spice and wireless internet have in common. Enjoy!

1:Both give you the feeling that, in spite of everything else, things are going to be ok.


2. Both are simple to get any time of year. Don’t let the pumpkin people fool you.


3. If you haven’t tried them, you don’t get it. But as soon as you do, life will never be the same.


4. Those without are jealous. They may not come out and tell you they’re jealous, but they definitely are. And if they’re not, they just haven’t tried them yet. (see #3 for details)


5. Both are portable.


6. Both are affordable. Relatively. Although, we think a pumpkin spice latté could be a little cheaper.


7.  Both are things you didn’t know you needed ten years ago. Now you can’t live without them.


8. Both would be up for the same award for perfection, if that was actually a thing. Which it’s not. Yet.


9. Both have exactly eight things in common and two things that are filler.


10. Both are things you shouldn’t wait to try. Like, imagine if you’d never tried pizza and someone was like, you have to try pizza. And you were all like, nah. It doesn’t sound all that great to me. And they were like, you REALLY need to try it. It’s amazing. And you refused and lived your whole life NOT loving pizza. Imagine how sad life would be.



OK. Go grab yourself a pumpkin spice whatever and then click here to learn more about going wireless and schedule your free consultation. 

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