Prices above are standard rates and custom packages are available. Omnispring also offers collocation  and dedicated hosting services  at competitive prices.

Welcome to Omnispring, a premier provider of wireless bandwidth, serving the state of Florida. Our wireless bandwidth product offers significant savings over traditional fiber-optic deployed networks, without sacrificing speed and reliability.  Savings are achieved by eliminating the expensive local loop fees charged by At&T, Embarq and other "last-mile" carriers. We invite you to learn how your business can save thousands per year with Omnispring wireless.
Omnispring offers a wide array of services designed to maximize your productivity and  save your business  money. 

From connectivity and network solutions to web development and security, Omnispring can tailor a package to suit your needs. Learn more:
Omnispring serves Central and South Florida and we broaden our coverage area every month. If you are located anywhere in Florida, please call us to be advised on availability or to schedule your area for wireless expansion.
You can also view availability and request service via this website.

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