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Boost Business Connectivity


At Omnispring, we pride ourselves on providing customized internet solutions that address your needs effectively. We prioritize prompt and honest communication, ensuring that you receive accurate information about your service without delay. Our services are reliable and scalable, offering internet speeds ranging from 5Mb to 10Gbps.

Tailored Connectivity Solutions

Explore Our Range of Internet Solutions Tailored Specifically for Your Business Connectivity Needs.

Fixed Wireless Solutions
Fixed Wireless Solutions

Experience powerful internet over Fixed Wireless, tailored to your location's signal-path conditions. Our Enterprise Services connection stays online, even in adverse weather, with carrier-class hardware and redundant power supplies. Trust Omnispring for reliable connectivity surpassing traditional providers, ensuring seamless operations.

Fiber or Copper Solutions
Fiber or Copper Solutions

Explore our fiber and copper solutions, customized to optimize connectivity for your business. We identify the best route to your location and seamlessly integrate it into our network infrastructure for enhanced reliability. Count on Omnispring to deliver robust solutions that support your business growth and productivity.

Whatever You Need
Whatever You Need

From Private MPLS to internet services, Omnispring offers flexible solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Experience seamless connectivity and optimal performance with our versatile services. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your network infrastructure and achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your solutions one-size-fits-all?
We don’t believe in off-the-shelf, packaged solutions like other providers. We start by learning about your business and then custom-build your perfect service with all the speed you’ll ever need. And since it’s wireless, we can connect you no matter where you are.
Does going wireless sacrifice speed?
No. Forget everything you think you know about wireless internet. It’s now just as fast, or faster than cable or DSL. So stream, download, and share all you like.
Will the weather affect my connection?
Nope. A little rain won’t get in your way. We’ve got you covered.
How does Omnispring Wireless Broadband work?
Omnispring Wireless Broadband is delivered via Radio Frequency (RF), like a radio station but transmitting data instead of sound. The signal is very strong and capable of traveling dozens of miles from the transmitter to your location.


Experience lightning-fast internet and crystal-clear voice services for your home, enhancing your digital lifestyle with reliable connectivity and communication options.


Empower your construction projects with reliable internet and communication solutions, keeping your team connected and your projects on track, even in remote locations.

Phone & VoIP

Enhance your business communications with our customizable phone and VoIP solutions, designed to streamline your operations and keep you connected with clients and colleagues.

Advantages of Omnispring Services


Our Wireless technology uses the latest methods to insure safe transmission without being compromised.


Wall Street and other financial institutions prefer Wireless over fiber because the response time is much faster.


Our Wireless has the same or better uptime as Fiber.


In most cases we can turn up the bandwidth on a phone call to meet your needs.


We customize your services to your needs instead supplying off the shelf unreliable services from a Cable company.


Ask us about our security features and fast, reliable cloud data solutions for your business. Store files and information securely on off-site servers and access them no matter where you are.


Omnispring can provide temporary bandwidth for your events, whether it’s inside a hotel or in an open field.

Revolutionize your business connectivity. Request a tailored internet quote today.

Revolutionize your business connectivity. Request a tailored internet quote today.